Please resign.

Punctuation is important. Without it, a request to ask someone to re-sign a document suddenly becomes a direct, yet polite comment on their work ability.

Punctuation is very important.

Husband Nick and I were just in the car when we spotted a sign in front of a middle school: A NO PLACE FOR HATE CAMPUS

I know what they were going for. A “No Place For Hate” Campus. But without any quotations, my brain parsed it as: a no place for HATE CAMPUS. GET OUT, HATE CAMPUS.

I’ve been on the internet since I was 14. I’m a dorky, nerdy lady. But what that really means is I’ve been actively communicating since I was 14. Socially, dynamically, poetically (hello high school)… And the closest I’ve ever gotten to that clunky texting shorthand is internet acronyms. Being social online has kept my communication skills sharp. Granted, I might be using them to talk about the merits of cheese, but hey.

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