First foot problems.

I’m having surgery on my foot Friday. To say that I’m nervous is probably an understatement, but I’m doing my best to be prepared. I’m loading up on purple Gatorade and hydrogen peroxide. I’m also freezing some meals for myself to eat during the non-standing times. My husband also gets home late from work, so this’ll serve as double duty for dinner, I’m sure.

I’m making three things. The first is this tomato soup. It’s delicious and simple and just tastes of comfort.

The second thing is a King Ranch Chicken Casserole. Normally I try to avoid casseroles because they lack a certain elegance, but for a pre-cooked meal plan I think this is a capital idea. Also, if you’re not reading Homesick Texan, you should be. Great blog, delicious Texas food.

The third thing is a recipe for Shepherd’s Pie. Again, casseroles are in right now!

The other thing we’ve tried to do is eliminate dust in our apartment. I have a pretty severe dust mite allergy so being in my apartment for three weeks will be difficult. We’ve done what we can and hopefully I won’t be a Hot Mess ™.

I swear I won’t just talk about food on this blog.

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