I used to work at a candy store.

I used to work at a candy store.

We’d get shipments of both candy and fun non-candy at the store. I’d say the stock was about 50/50. One of the vendors we’d get items from was Gund, maker of adorable stuffed animals and more. We got in these boxes of awesome dragon themed items and one of the boxes had little dragons holding a wire with a clip on it.

“They’re photo holders!” my manager explained. I’d never seen a photo holder and certainly couldn’t imagine them selling well. The manager agreed it probably wouldn’t be a hot item. I mentioned that they looked like they were holding little signs. I mused, “What kind of sign does a dragon hold anyway? Something advertising that he burned a village?” YES. DONE.

I busted out the markers and made signs for the dragons as well as burning buildings (you can kind of see them in the back). And they sold LIKE HOT CAKES. My manager was SHOCKED. I was especially happy to hear that one was being purchased to go to the room of a child patient down the road at the medical center. My dragons were spreading joy… and fire!

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