That time we had Nerd Garage Sale.

Nerd Garage Sale

For Throwback Thursday I thought it would be neat to show you all this dorky thing I did a few years back. My husband and I, being tremendous nerds, had accumulated many toys and general geekery over the years. There were items we were happy to keep around, but we had a lot of things we hadn’t used or looked at in a long time. A Sonic the Hedgehog lunchbox. A Transformer Mr. Potato Head. Princess Amidala Barbie. X-Men comics from the 90s. My shameful anime collection from high school. Lots and lots of things. So we decided to sell them!

We’d seen tables like this at the yearly arcade expo in Houston, so we paid for a table and invited our friends to offload some of their old stuff as well. We made a couple hundred bucks above and beyond the table cost and I’m pretty sure the above image, which was our craigslist ad, is the reason why.

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