Shall I compare thee to a pound cake?

Okay, guys, it’s time for our favorite brand new segment (yes it’s new AND a favorite!):

I am not a food blogger.

That’s right, I am NOT a food blogger! I enjoy food and like to cook and bake on occasion, but lets face it. My stuff is not going to come out looking like a spread in some magazine. I take the pictures in my underlit 1950s home with my cell phone camera. It is what it is.

But since I enjoy food, I’ll talk about it here. I just ask you to remember I’m not a food blogger. Okay, enough preamble.

Thanksgiving was a great success, but like anyone, I’m dealing with the aftermath of leftovers. In years past I’ve gotten creative and made turkey nachos, turkey pot pies, turkey sandwiches… the meat is always the easy part.

But this year I had leftover cranberry orange sauce (see the last post). And in my desperate attempt to figure out what to do with it, I stumbled across this cranberry orange cake. If you follow the link, it is GORGEOUS. Roxana makes the cake from scratch and there is some Martha Stewart realness happening. I just bought a box of pound cake mix and tried to replicate the cake best I could. For I am not Martha Stewart – I am but a humble lady who likes cake.

Cake: Step One

My cranberry sauce is similar to her filling, so I just cut the finished pound cake in half and spread that in the middle. Then I sliced up some oranges and mixed a half cup of powdered sugar with a few tablespoons of orange juice to make a glaze. Ta daaa.

The finished cake.

It’s not movie star cake. But it IS delicious. I feel like this cake is a lot like me. For what it may lack in refinement – who cares. It’s still cake! A great vehicle to use up leftover cranberry sauce and you’d never know it was leftovers. I give this cake about three days in this house. Bon Appé-eat!

One thought on “Shall I compare thee to a pound cake?

  1. Mary E. Krobock

    I think it’s beautiful and creative, just like you!

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