To my valentine.

My husband has been my valentine for twelve years now. What we’ve done over the years has varied. He’s flown into town when he’s been away. There have been candlelit dinners. Roses. One year I made him a heart shaped cake that read “fart” in frosting or something like that. We’ve also done nothing. It’s less about the pressure of a “Hallmark holiday” and more about taking time to celebrate each other, whatever that looks like.

Well, we were talking about this year and what we wanted to do and started reminiscing about our first Valentine’s Day. This is when we still lived apart. I decided to make Nick a box of valentines. Just like in grade school. I took a shoebox, decorated the outside, and filled it with candy and Star Wars valentines from fake classmates filled with inside jokes. It’s dumb and dorky.

What’s even dumber and dorkier? He still has it.

valentinesboxI can’t report to be some relationship guru. I can’t tell you what works and what doesn’t. Honestly, I got lucky. Sometimes I feel messy and flawed in other areas but I got this. I met my best friend on the internet. We’re partners and I’m thankful for that. Happy Valentine’s Day.

One thought on “To my valentine.

  1. I’m so glad the two of you met, Your a great couple! I love you both. And your little piggies too!

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