Let me tell you what love is.

Last week I got an email from my editor, asking me to profile a local hotel for Valentine’s Day. Our publishing deadline is, sadly, a week afterwards… but his idea was to find a place and spin it as an option for couples who couldn’t celebrate on the 14th.

This happened to be my exact situation. My husband works Sunday. I have plans Saturday. And I gotta be honest – we usually don’t go for the usual Valentine’s tropes. Last year he bought me roses and I was pretty surprised. It’s not that we’re anti-Valentine’s. We tend to go out for anniversaries and the occasional date aaand that’s about it.

But the opportunity was there. So why not?

I booked the hotel, which happened to be the place we stayed when we got married. A romantic choice! We dappered ourselves up and went out for a fancy dinner… that turned into us playing Scrabble on our cell phones and making googly eyes at each other and our meal.

Back at the hotel we got settled into the room. Cookies waiting for us! Wonderful! And CABLE TV. We haven’t had cable in 10+ years. Pajama-clad, we turned on the TV and found a Parks and Recreation marathon on. Yes, we’ve seen the whole series. Yes, it is on Netflix right now and we could be doing this same thing at home. Shut up. It was date night.

Then things took a turn. My often uncooperative body decided it wasn’t feeling well. And how did my romantic evening conclude? My husband. Sitting up with me when I was sick.

I know this doesn’t sound like this evening ended in a very romantic way. But I have to be honest: this meant a lot to me. More than roses. More than jewelry. More than bacon.

I’m lucky to have someone who will sit up with me. He’s a good guy. I love him a lot.


2 thoughts on “Let me tell you what love is.

  1. That’s awesome and it’s all that matters! Hope you had a great weekend out and feeling better.

  2. He’s a good guy and you are a good woman. I hope you feel better. x x x

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