I’ve seen your billboards all over Detroit.

I know you think you’re cute. Ha ha, says your big, barrel chested mascot. “Never Throw In the Towel” “Bend But Never Break” “Stay Giant, Detroit”

And then there was the video.

I get what you’re trying to do. A cute wink and a nod about Detroit staying strong because it’s down and out and has some cleaning up to do.

Well, I gotta be honest. Your wink and nod and 6+ month likely million dollars+ ad campaign rings a little hollow as I commute past crumbling overpasses, underfunded schools, and a city that doesn’t need your ad campaign disguised as encouragement.

Detroit did break. It broke. Bankruptcy.

You want to chime in? Help us.


Make donations. Send plaid covered groups to help us clean up the lots that loom underneath your giant advertisement. Put your money where your mouth is instead of making a little joke at our expense.

Seriously however much you spent on billboards could make a huge impact on Detroit.

You could even say… giant.

One thought on “HEY, BRAWNY.

  1. Well said. A donation and actual physical help would go a lot further than a billboard. People don’t forget who really helped. That creates brand recognition and loyalty much better than a billboard. Now that would be a far reaching and long lasting advertising campaign.

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