Great Date Ideas For Married People

Having trouble feeling connected to that special someone you’ve entered into a loving, binding, legal relationship with? Wanting to mix up your routine? Here are some great date ideas that are sure to be fun for you and your honey bun!


Watch A Bad Movie Together

Put on a film that will make you feel better about yourself! Fall asleep halfway through and wake up at the end and talk about how awful that thing was. The shared experience of that terrible trauma will only bring you closer together.


Putting Away Laundry

Let’s be honest, neither of you have done it. The piles just sit and languish. Treat yourself to a fifteen minute conversation while you fold underwear and pair socks.


Sleep In

I wish this was a sexy thing, but it’s all about being asleep and not talking to anyone.


Grocery Store Shopping

Everyone has to eat. Everyone needs to bathe themselves. Share in this activity you must do to be a functioning member of adult society!


Attend Someone’s Wedding

Enjoy this excellent take on Date Night by sitting next to someone you’ve never met and trying to make small talk with them while giving your spouse pleading glances and trying to blink “can we please go after the cake” in morse code.


A Romantic Weekend Away

This is the same thing as ‘Sleep In’ but you do it in a hotel located within an hour of the place you live on a Tuesday night because you have a Groupon.


Cemetery Plot Shopping

Too far?