So I can’t dump Trump.

Well that was a hell of a thing, wasn’t it?

I know you’re probably electioned out. We all are. Enough so that roughly two out of every five Americans didn’t even show up to vote Tuesday, according to the United States Election Project.

I don’t want to write another hot take on the subject. Frankly, this week has been rough so I’ve barely absorbed things. I know. That’s on me. But I’m not really a journalist anymore. This is a personal blog and I’m tired.

But I did go back and re-read my article about Trump from last summer with the perspective that he is the president-elect. Reading it, I think about the wave of intimidation I felt from him and his supporters as I stood in that press pool at the rally. I think about other groups that Trump has targeted since.

At that rally, we were over a year away from the election. I didn’t think he would be the nominee, let alone win the thing. The room was intense but I knew I could escape that place. Walk away. Go home. But the people he’s targeted, and subsequently some of his supporters have targeted, don’t have the luxury of escaping that anymore. This is their reality. Our reality.


Sorry. I probably re-wrote this a half dozen times. It’s just… I’ve seen first hand that he’s a bully and that like any good bully he incites a mob mentality for other bullies. It sucks the bully won. It sucks a bunch.

I’ve seen a couple pieces about how this is the chance for us to take care of each other. Oh, sure, be sad or angry initially, but then take action. Join groups that support your causes of choice. Be proactive. Engage. Could the next four years be what shakes 43% of Americans out of voter apathy? Maybe. But Americans are overworked. We don’t sleep well at night. Just to name a couple non-political cultural issues that extend beyond the dude that shows up in DC in a few months.

I don’t know, guys. I just know I’m pretty bummed out. But I plan to stand with those who need support. Because I don’t want to be like the bully.



My odd relationship with Jeb Bush

When I signed up for Jeb Bush’s email list in July, I just expected campaign updates. The first email wasn’t from Jeb himself, but his people, thanking me for contacting them and letting me know we’d keep in touch. Sure. Okay.

What followed was a surprisingly personal relationship that attempted to rival even my own close friendships. In honor of him dropping out of the race, I’ve decided to now reveal this relationship to the public. Here is a series of correspondences I received from Jeb Bush, personally. The following emails are 100% real, though in the interest in not encouraging his behavior, I kept these replies private UNTIL NOW…


Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 3:23 PM – Subject: How are you watching the first debate?

Oh, uh. Hey Jeb. How am I going to watch the debate? I don’t have cable (I know, millennial) so I’ll probably see where I can stream it online. Why?

In just a little over two weeks, I’ll be walking on stage for the first debate of the 2016 Presidential Election, and I want you to be there.”

Woah, Jeb. Dude. That’s really nice of you but I don’t think I can head to Cleveland on such short notice. Thanks for thinking of me though!


Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 9:40 AM – Subject: When I wake up:

Oh god, please don’t tell me about your dreams. GOOD MORNING, JEB.

When I woke up this morning and got started with my day there were two things that came to mind.”

Handcrafting me this email and freedom?

“1. Winning the White House and fixing Washington so every American again has the right to rise. 2. Having the resources to do it.”

Just two little things to start the day, eh Jeb?

“I’ll make you this promise: I won’t yield an inch in this fight. I’ll go everywhere and talk with everyone”



At this point, Jeb was the nice guy that couldn’t take a hint. He was sending me every little email he could:

Two emails from Jeb Bush, subjects are "Wow" and "hey"

And then this happened.


Sun, Oct 4, 2015 at 3:41 PM – Subject: Come meet me and my parents


Putting a face to a name is important, especially with all the emails I send you.”

Jeb, I am so sorry. I’m not sure if signing up for your email list gave you the wrong idea and you’re a nice guy and all… But come meet your parents?! I’m married. To a guy I like. I think your wife would be pretty pissed, too. I just don’t see it working out.


Jeb didn’t take it well.

Emails from Jeb Bush, "Lauren, please" "Lauren, let's meet" "Please Lauren" "Hey Lauren" "Hey"



An email from Jeb Bush saying 'I can't do this alone'

An email from Jeb Bush saying 'I can't do this alone' but slightly larger

Oh my god. Jeb. Oh my god.

I couldn’t reply. I didn’t. I had no words to send. And then, a few days later:

Fri, Feb 19, 2016 at 4:05 PM – Subject: I know it’s Friday afternoon

Lauren — We’re $14,628 short of our $250,000 goal, so I needed to reach back out.”

JEB. First you’re professing that you can’t do this without me, Lauren, please, etc. And now you’re asking me for money? Really, guy? Really?!


And then, the next day, I find out from a friend that he dropped out. No email, no nothing. Unbelievable.

Jeb, this relationship has been a wild rollercoaster ride, let me assure you! But you drop out and you don’t even tell me? You’ll email about what you woke up thinking about and that you need $14,000 but you won’t email me when you drop out? Seriously?

Until yesterday. Five days later he emailed.

An email titled "thank you" from Jeb Bush saying 'I wanted to take just a moment to thank you for all your hard work on my behalf. While the result was not what we had hopes, we communicated". The rest of the email is cut off.

Oh yes, Jeb. We communicated. A lot. And while I can’t say I’ll miss those emails, I’ll miss seeing Jeb! all over the place. THANK YOU.