I want to talk to you today about the future.

The year 2015 used to be the future. Why, just yesterday, you considered today the future. You are a time traveler. You just don’t know it yet.

But how? You say to yourself. I’m just going through my day, through the motions, though the “daily grind”. It’s because you are an innovator. You. YOU. ARE. Back to 2015, where the state of innovation is… questionable. Just any old thing can be an innovator. A college, a soda pop, bubbles in a cleaning product, your kids… Anything can be labeled as innovative.

But are we truly innovative?


In a survey of employees at brands that used the word ‘Innovation’ in their business plans or key strategy documents, over 89% of them didn’t believe they were innovative. 69% couldn’t define the word. Let that sink in. Well over half of those innovators… just weren’t innovative.

So. This is a problem. We’ve gotten to the point where the word ‘Innovation’ has lost all meaning. It used to represent something. It used to show us who the outliers were. Who was making a difference. Who was working towards new heights, truly moving forward with momentum, taking risks, and always succeeding.

What we need is a solution. A solution to a problem you weren’t even aware of before I started talking. What I propose is a new word.


Overvation. Overvation. Overvation.

What better way to directly indicate that you’re more innovative than those who are just saying the word? Overvation. You live it. You breathe it. You’re working on it everyday. Overvation. But not just the regular amount. You’re overdoing it. You’re not just going to give 100%. You’re not giving 110%. You’re going to give 200%. I had a slide for this, but it was just blank because you can’t show 200% on a pie chart. Clippy showed up and his little face just melted off. He couldn’t even comprehend overvation.

But just saying ‘no’ or ‘can’t’ isn’t in the nature of an overvator.


Yet again, I have solved a problem we didn’t know we even had. I overvated. With overvation.

Show everyone that you’re OVER innovation. You’ve moved on to Innovation 2.0: overvation. Work hard and show them what you can do, time traveler!