I think it’s time to introduce Dr. Puppet Lauren.

Nick and I were given a puppet that looks like me as a wedding gift. It’s from the Whatnot Muppet Shop at FAO Schwarz. She is Puppet Lauren. Here’s a picture we’ve photoshopped of the two of us:



Now, as a grown adult person with a muppet of themselves I looked for opportunities (oppuppetunities, really) to bust her out. One presented itself a few years back when one of my best friends was recovering from nasal surgery. You see, the Whatnot Muppets are the same size as a medium dog would be in a costume at Target. After Halloween they had a doctor costume leftover and thus Puppet Lauren got her medical licence. I went to my friend’s house and advised her I was there to fill her prescription FOR LAUGHS.



Turns out you shouldn’t make your friend recovering from surgery in her FACE AREA laugh. Whoops. This was going to go on her ratemydoctor profile for sure.

Dr. Puppet Lauren continued to be a fun part of our lives, showing up occasional to dispense medical advice that was practical and handy. If you have any questions, I’m sure she’d be happy to give advice. Below is a PSA she did for The Internet: