We have guinea pigs.

Reese and McCoy are our boys. They are six, which is kind of old for a guinea pig! But they’re healthy and cute and probably eat better than we do. Here they are in the yard. Reese is sleeping in the sun. McCoy is eating grass.

yardflopI had guinea pigs growing up, but as a child caring for the tiny herbivores was challenging. The lifespans were much, much shorter. They were always cursed with some unfortunate ailment that eventually brought them to their demise.

But as an adult, when we knew we wanted a pet… a guinea pig just seemed natural. A dog was too big and my husband hates cats, so pigs it was. They’re pretty great. They’re curious and pretty darn adorable. They’re also convenient too. If I have to go to work or class, we’ll toss a pile of food at them and they’re good all day.

upclosepigI’m pretty sure our neighbors have been confused hearing us declare, “Hi pig!” when we enter the domicile.

And I just want to dispel any misconceptions about guinea pigs. They are nicer than hamsters (bigger too). They have personalities. McCoy and Reese are sort of like those classic Goofus and Gallant strips from Highlights for Kids. McCoy shoves all of his kibble into his face at once. Reese slowly eats his kibble over the course of the day, so he isn’t hungry. They’re pretty smart, too, for a small animal.

Soooo this post might have been an excuse to post pictures of my pigs on the internet, true. But they’re my boys. I love them a lot.


The end. 😉