It was like rain on my wedding day.

Five years ago yesterday, Nick and I locked it down. We gathered family and friends and had a big party to celebrate that Nick and I were entering into a legally binding contract.

Here, let Aziz Ansari explain it:

It went like most weddings do. We said our “I do”s. I jumped up and down. One of our witnesses was a blind guy. It rained. I’d rank it in my top ten days ever.

But do you know the story of our engagement?!

I will share. I’ll keep it short. It wasn’t a surprise. Nick will tell you himself he is miserable with surprises, but really it was more about having the discussion of ‘let’s do this’ for all the legal reasons. There was no question about the commitment and our relationship and while everyone kept telling us it would be ~*different after we got married*~ I can attest to the fact that it hasn’t changed at all. Which is fine! Things were great to begin with.

Nick asked my dad for permission because he’s a class act. Not that I’m property and not that he had to have permission. It was a gesture, and my dad, totally tickled, agreed. We’d picked a ring and planned a vacation to San Antonio. I had mentioned to Nick that on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, there was a spot called Marriage Island. It’s formed by a root mass of a tree next to the river and is a popular wedding spot. The early priests would have church there, and couples who wed there would be blessed with good luck. The island is quite small, really, just the plaque stating the aforementioned facts, the tree, and a couple of benches. We knew we wouldn’t get married there, but an engagement seemed just as meaningful. Leading up to the engagement, we spoke in vague terms. “Hey, I packed the suitcase.” “YOU DIDN’T FORGET ANYTHING DID YOU. YOU KNOW. LIKE A THING.” “Nope, I haven’t forgotten anyTHING.”

Look, it still needed to feel surprisey.

That fateful evening, we went to dinner, and wandered down the riverwalk. I’m not sure if Nick remembers this part, but as we got closer and closer to the spot, I couldn’t stop smiling. Grinning like an idiot. Because while yes, we were in a committed relationship and nothing would change… I was only getting proposed to once. And it was RIGHT THEN. Well. Almost then.

We get to Marriage Island and there’s already two people there, on a bench. They’re just talking. We wander around, read the plaque, poke at the tree… But there isn’t too much to do on an island with a footprint slightly larger than a minivan, so Nick walked up to the couple. “Hey, uh, so… that’s my girlfriend. Over there. And I uh. I need to ask her something. So, uh, if you could-” The guy was immediately on board. “Oh. OH. OH YEAH. OKAY MAN. GOT IT. GOOD LUCK.” The girl was just confused and protested to her beau as he dragged her away.

“That was awkward.” “Yeah.” “SO ANYWAY.” Ah Nick, so articulate. So he did the one knee thing. And for all of the build up, I uh. I can’t really remember what he said. I just remember that he said he was happy and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and asked me to be his wife. And, spoiler alert, I said yes.

There you are. If you’re interested you can read about our special day and see pictures on Offbeat Bride, where our wedding was featured! We were on geek week, since we had Star Wars music and a Lego cake topper and the like. It actually might be in my top five days. Love you, hon.