The Maple Leaf Pub

The Maple Leaf Pub

I suppose this is a late addition to ‘things I miss about Houston’. This is a picture I took once on the patio of a bar there called The Maple Leaf. It was our hockey bar, the only one in the hot and humid area so-far-I-could-tell. It was a nice bar. Plenty of seating, as long as it wasn’t playoffs. Trivia on Thursdays which was also a cheap ‘Steak and Potato Night’. One of the tables was IN an honest to god penalty box. A PENALTY BOX.


Things I will miss about Houston #3

Another thing about Houston I will miss: Houston Free Share, a Freecycle group. It’s been a terrific resource for getting rid of things before our move, but just in general, it’s nice giving things you don’t need to people who want them. I’ve probably given out ten things for every item I got… but I never minded it. Helps me get rid of the clutter. Detroit has a similar group, I hope it’s as well run.

Things I will miss about Houston #2

Things I will miss in Houston: House of Pies. The only pie I’ll eat here is strawberry, but the greasy spoon fare has been a staple since I first moved here 8 years ago. We made a point of taking out-of-towners here, usually before heading to the airport. My husband made a habit of checking to see what silverware was magnetized. The Club Breakfast comforted me after late night work evenings. I’ll miss it.